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In the process of data recovery we recover the lost or unintentionally deleted data. Data can be lost from a hard drive because of hundred of factors. So if we talk about RAID, it consists of number of hard drives. Hence the ratio of data loss could be much more as compare to simple hard drive.

By contrast there is also lot of methods to be introduced for a successful RAID recovery. The system of RAID which requires recovery of is near to be failed shows the following symptoms.

1. Data becoming disappear or lost within the system.
2. Sometimes RAID system gives unusual strange sounds, it’s also an indication of failure many times.
3. Problem in data circulating at different ends of system.
4. Failure in any single hard drive.
5. Presence of viruses in the system.

If we talk more about the RAID data recovery then it is a fact that the recovery is difficult but not impossible. However it could only be possible efficiently and successfully by the RAID professionals. Mostly the professionals are hired on permanently basis in big Organizations where the RAID systems are implemented. It’s because there is a risk to hand over this completed recovery in the hands of untrained or unprofessional person.

Raid Data Recovery

Raid Recovery:

Raid Recovery-1: Advanced data recovery techniques to recover lost data, when both the data drive and mirrored drive of RAID-1.

Raid Recovery-5/5EE/50/51: Innovative techniques to recover precious data by resolving data and parity movement from severely complex RAID levels, Raid-5/5EE/50/51.

RAID-6: Careful observation and analysis to recover data from mission critical applications, implemented with RAID 6, containing dual-parity block level stripping.

RAID ADG: Systematic approach for maximum possible recovery from the troubled RAID ADG array, affirming your motto of zero tolerance against data loss.

Email Recovery:

MS Exchange Server: Safe as yet powerful mail recovery techniques to recover inaccessible Exchange mailboxes configured on any troubled RAID 0+1 or RAID 5.

Lotus Domino Server: Innovative techniques to recover Lotus Domino email databases and other essential segments, spreading across a RAID 1 and RAID 1/10/5.

Zarafa Mail Server: RAID Recovery techniques to recover lost emails of Linux based Zarafa mail server, hosted on complex configuration of RAID 1 and RAID 10/5.

Zibra Mail Server: Maximum possible recovery of your mailboxes in CentOS based Zimbra email server with RAID 1 or RAID 5.

Database Recovery:

Oracle: Stellar recovers the data of your Oracle RDBMS hosted on any host based (software-based) or hardware-based RAID implementation.

MS SQL Server: Recover all lost, inaccessible data of your SQL Server database, configured on any complex RAID 5 or RAID 1+0.

MS SharePoint: Is your SharePoint data inaccessible because of the troubled RAID array? Stellar RAID Data Recovery can recover them all.

MySQL: Safe and verified recovery techniques to recover your business critical data in the MySQL database, stuck due to RAID controller failure.

Server Recovery:

NAS: You have configured your NAS with a complex RAID array and now it has failed making your entire NAS box inaccessible.

SAN: With Stellar you can recover all your business critical data, stuck in the SAN storage box due to damaged RAID configuration.

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